Logofolio Vol. 1

  • L O G O F O L I O

    For the past few years, I have crafted multiple logos for various brands globally. Here I am representing a compilation of my favorite logos in the form of logofolio. It also includes basic information related to every logo.

  • T A T H Y A

    Tathya is a premium restaurant based in Pune, India. Completely focused on authentic food taste and experience with a family oriented bar. It is also a luxurious and elegant aura to its customers and clients with subtle natural connect and premium service.

  • F O O D   A V A D A N S H 

    Food Avadansh is an concept for upcoming restaurant in Pune, India. Focusing on a dining experience that celebrates authentic Indian aroma and taste . It will offer guests fine dining with traditional cuisines along with an elegant experience.

  • S A N S H   G O L D

    Sansh Gold is a contemporary fine jewelry brand based in India, that challenges the preconceptions of fine jewelry by creating contemporary and accessible pieces that fit seamlessly into the modern city girl’s urban lifestyle.

  • L A R K

    Lark is India’s first craft winery that prides itself on making avant-garde wine spritzers.
     They intend to open the market up for a new fruit wine spritzer category, packaged in pint-sized bottles.

  • G U A V A   C A Y

    Guava Cay is a full-service content creation firm based in South Florida, United States. They specializes in media management for various business. 'Guava Cay Media' is a result-driven creation agency which uses data science and analytics to help propel the client business.

  • H O T E L   N A N D I N I

    Hotel Nandini is a 21-year-old India based boutique hotel, established on semi luxurious approach towards their clients.  It is been rebuilt as a magnificent edifice tower in the heart of the city and which blends fine indigenous architecture with contemporary design.

  • T H E   A L P H A   F U T U R E   S C H O O L

    The Alpha Future School is an India based, emerging network of private schools focusing on an innovative approach in education. The schools are located in the vicinity of nature with modern infrastructure, which is the main theme of the identity. 

  • R I G A E

    Branding and identity design for a full-service marketing consulting firm working closely with leading brands in strategizing, ideating, and implementing large-scale strategic plans. It is a agency with cutting-edge technology, that uses data science as a harbinger of change in the strategic structure of a business. It also has huge hold in the political, advertising, celebrity, and business sector.

  • C H O I C E

    Choice is a full scale flour mill stones manufacturing brand based in India, which is operational since 1994. Flour Mill Stones are used for grinding wheat into Flour. It is also used for grinding other grains, spices, and medicines. 

  • P A B L O   B L A U

    Pablo Blau is one of the best and equipped aesthetics clinic based in Singapore. 
    It is also a luxury art-oriented clinic providing high-end quality services to its customers by using 55 active ingredients and signature balancing formula to actively repairs the skin layer, leaving your skin radiant and rejuvenated.

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