The Freudian OBJECT

  • The Freudian OBJECT 
    Pyschoanalytic Designer Toys
    “The psychoanalyst, like the archaeologist, must uncover layer after layer of the patient's psyche, before coming to the deepest, most valuable treasures.”
    ~ Sigmund Freud
    Each object is an embodiment of the concepts and theories of Sigmund Freud. Created as a response to his famous metaphor relating the roles of the psychoanalyst and the archaeologist, the Freudian OBJECTs are artefacts of the unconscious.
  • The Castration Complex
  • The Uncanny
  • The Primary Narcissist
    Graduate Exhibition
    Showcase including three "Freudian OBJECTs", packaging, wallpaper, book, business cards and sign-up sheet. 
  • Packaged in a diecut cardboard box with a glossy sleeve which doubles as a poster. Included in the box is lasercut foam Freud heads and an edition card with a unique edition number & signature.
  • These items will be made available to order in the near future, if interested please contact: