AC-Tech Brand Identity

  • "AC" is the acronym for Alpha Centauri. Alpha Centauri is the closest star system and closest planetary system to the Solar System at 4.37 light-years (1.34 parsec) from the Sun.
    AC-Tech company is engaged in the construction of digital IT platforms based on international best practices, the construction of digital companies: Banks, MFIs, Service (e-Com, Retail, e-Delivery), IT management and development infrastructure companies.
  • Logo uses a combination of two elements:
    1. The stylized capital letter “A” (the initial letter of the brand name);
    2. The image of a star in motion (graphic association with the name “alpha centauri”).
    Final logo concept symbolizes the great experience of the brand, continuous development and high quality of the provided services.

  • The basic shape of the triangle symbolizes balance and stability. Inclined lines of shape symbolize determination, growth and development, while horizontal lines are responsible for a sense of calm and confidence.
    The blue color of the symbol symbolizes technology, innovation and digital industry.

  • The brand pattern contains a principle idea formed of three main points that can characterize the brand’s philosophy:
    1. Quality - a graphical interpretation is the intersection of vertical and horizontal lines that
    form a solid, stable construction.
    2. Experience - a graphical interpretation is the intersection of diagonal lines that symbolize experience and the path traveled,
    as well as continuous growth and development.
    3. Innovation - a graphical interpretation is the image of the stars on which is based the brand logo, the stars meaning
    continuous development, progress and technology.

  • The combination of all three characteristics forms a brand pattern, which emphasizes a unique style and
    serves as a decorative element of branded materials.

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