• Cinema Talks 2019

    Cinema Talks is a young, innovative Filmfestival, which will take place annually in the Schubert Kino in Graz. Within two Festival days 40 selected national and international movies will be screened. Afterwards, discussions will be held with invited speakers, which will bring the subject of the respective film and the art of filmmaking closer to the audience. Through the emerging discussions between the speakers, the filmmakers and the audience, the cinema experience is redefined.

    To take reference to the showcased films we took stills where the talking, screaming etc. is part of the scenery as key visuals. Their reparative layout references to film rolls, the different colours define the different sections if the festival. 

  • Art Direction and Graphic Design: Lukas Diemling
    Festival Management: Jonathan SteiningerNatalie PinterZoe Borzi
    Photography: Dominic Erschen