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    Peaceful Stones
  • Imagine walking into an art gallery and everything on display is based on how you feel.
    That’s how the people of Stockholm will experience The Emotional Art Gallery. Starting March 7, hundreds of Clear Channel’s digital billboards in Stockholm’s Metro will transform into the world’s longest digital art exhibition. The selection of artworks will be triggered by citizens’ real-time emotions — through an algorithm that uses open data to analyze the current mood of the citizens throughout the day. Based on the outcome, the digital gallery will exhibit artworks created specifically by artists from around the world to remedy negative feelings. Why? Because recent research shows that Stockholm’s citizens are the most stressed in Sweden. And that one main reason is urbanization and the increasing number of people using the Metro for their daily commute. So on your next commute, treat yourself to some well-deserved art. 
  • In my artwork, I am exploring the concept of peacefulness by stripping all the unnecessary distractions. What's left is the infinite body of water and gravitational force moving heavy stones in a rhythmical manner. Come around, slow your breathing to the pace of the stones and feel the peacefulness yourself.
  • Stockholm’s Metro is known internationally as the world’s longest art gallery, with paintings, carvings, sculptures and mosaics at 100 stations, spreading across an area of over 110 kilometers. Through this initiative, which sees Clear Channel Sweden activate its network of digital billboards to display art, the city’s Metro will turn into a massive digital art exhibition as well — arguably the world’s longest. The initiative is named “The Emotional Art Gallery” and consists of six original artworks created specifically to counteract negative emotions. Six international artists were selected and assigned to express a particular positive feeling, including happy, peaceful, energized, calm, loving and safe. Each one is the counterpart to a negative feeling, which will be picked up amongst commuters by a new tailor-made algorithm that uses public data to analyze the current mood of the city and direct what artwork to display at any given moment.
  • Other Artworks included LOVE, SAFE, CALM, PEACEFUL, ENERGY and HAPPY and were created by Jesper Lindborg, Emilie Mottet & Eric Severin, Andreas Wannerstedt, Susi Sie and Ana Blizzard.
  • Links to downloadable press images, films and information about the other artists and artworks: Emotionalartgallery.com