Museum Guide of Singapore | National Archives SG

  • Design, illustration, copywriting and photography for a free-to-take guide comprising over 50 private and public museums and galleries.
  • The Museum Roundtable (MR) Guide is a free-to-take guide that can be found around tourist stands all over Singapore. MR comprises over 50 private and public museums and galleries that cover 7 themes; art, culture & community, defence, healthcare, lifestyle & collectibles, national history and science & innovation. Moreover, each chapter also features what you can get up to in and around the various museums!

    The refreshed copy was rewritten in a more personable tonality, and highlights an important artefact or showcase at each museum. Photography was also conducted to document and capture the essence of the museum, making it enticing for readers to want to visit.
  • Cover Design

    The cover features various types of museum goers, adorned with museum objects/artefacts, encapsulating the essence and spirit of the guide.
  • MR Pass

    The key visual is continued for the privilege pass. Space has been catered for serialisation and personalisation of the card holder’s name.
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