• Best Friends is a collection of illustrations based on antique pictures of children with animals.
    They are made using blue and yellow pens and gray markers.
    The series was done during inktober 2019.
  • Little girl holding a chicken, author unknown. Ca. 1942-1943.

  • Boy and dog postcard, M. Wacker. Date unknown.

  • A four-legged nanny produces a milk bottle in an effort to stem a flood of tears from its charge, unknown author. 14th July 1932.

  • Girl with her bird on shoulder, unknown author. 1951

  • A boy and his owl, National Geographic, 1933

  • Playing banjo, author unknown. Unknown date

  • Boy with two kittens on his head, author unknown. Date unknown

  • The hairdresser, author unknown. Date unknown

  • A baby lamb snuggles up to a sleeping boy, author unknown. March 16, 1940

  • A boy and his riding pig, author unknown. Date unknown

  • Cats' food didn't come out of a can and it was nothing but the best fish - Pt Perpendicular, Mrs Tulk. C 1936

  • If you have any information regarding the authors of the pictures, please let me know, I tried my best to find the original sources, but as the majority of them consist on family pictures, sometimes I couldn't find any info at all.

    Thanks for watching, I hope you liked them!

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