• Hoppípolla / Agenda 2020

    It is conceived as the visual connection between digital and analog, sounds and words. The diary is split in four parts: every season has a spread made from a kinetic typographic video that opens the weekly planner. It aimes to describe the seasonal mood inspired by the seasons itself through motion graphic and sounds. By transforming something purely digital into an analog thingFurthermore every season has a Spotify playlist selected by Italian designers and musicians.

    Sound design: Tommaso Marconi
    Typeface: Grotta Semibold by Due Collective
    Paper: Fedrigoni Arcoset + Fedrigoni Sirio Ultra Black
    Offset print: Printaly.com
    Pantone 802U + holographic paint

    Playlists curated by
    Spring: SPLENDORE
    Summer: Beat Soup

  • Do or do not. There is no try.​​​​​​​