• Uri Barcelona. He’s a DP, and you’ve guessed it, from Barcelona. For real, his surname is Barcelona. We couldn’t think of a better way of designing his logo—I'm Uri, yes my surname is Barcelona, and yes, I am from Barcelona—probably the longest yet most memorable one you’ll see.

    As a Director of Photography, his job is to interpret scripts, ideas, concepts (written words) and turn them into visual pieces. DP’s are guardians of the imagery. Uri is the master at this.

    This is where you, the user comes in, as you browse the site important interactions are turned into visual pieces.

    Speed of use was taken into account when designing the site. From your first interaction to the last, you can swiftly move in and out of projects discovering important details. In each individual project Uri provides his insight into the job with some comments on each.

    Finally the mobile version is completely stripped down to provide an even quicker and direct experience on the site. Allowing users to view videos instantly and get in touch straight after.

  • Designed by Jay K Darvishian & Anna Paredes.

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