Modernism _ A Visual Debate

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    The culmination of in-depth study  undertook in regards to post-war modernist Graphic Design with focus towards the design movements in Europe and Japan. Special attention was paid to the emphasis and reference  to the unique native particularities of both design scenes. Europe and Japan are often not associated together when it comes to Modernism, especially not in any art history lectures I've been in so this was an eye-opening and fascinating project.
    Japanese and European design influenced each other more than you may think. Japanese design in the 50's and 60's was also hugely more influential than you may think, at least more than I thought anyway.
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    The publication is bound to create the feeling of separate elements, formats and products bound together to create a cohesive flow of information. The book element is the visual discussion with more emphasis on discussing, comparing and constrasting theory. The publication fades into more visual emphasis of theory when working your way through.

    The visual style and layout is an amalgamation of European neutrality and Japanese decoration combined with my own take on modernism. A mixture of serif and sans-serif with a combination of Western and Japanese letterforms and hints of colour so often associated with Japanese design.
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    The more visual poster elements are an application of a compilation of theory and sensibilities outlined through visual analysis of European and Japanese work, specifically posters. These sensibilities and characterists are then applied by recreating neutral pieces of design in a European and Japanese filter, allowing you to literally see, and most importantly,  compare theory in action.
  • Pentax LX poster (circa 1960s) - Recreated _ European filter
  • The exact same Pentax LX poster - Recreated _ Japanese filter
  • Hiroshima poster (1953_opposite page) Recreated _ European filter
  • Exact same Hiroshima poster (1953_opposite page) Recreated _ Japanese filter