Cocoon Wearable Sculpture

  • C O C O O N
    Cocoon is a wearable sculpture, made as a retreat to escape the stress of everyday life.
    The conceptual idea evolved from the word ‘Insulate’ and its direct meaning ‘to protect’. With this concept, the idea progressed to create a retreat through a cocoon or womb formation, as these are havens for growth and development, and to have somewhere we can take a small breather from the chaos of daily life, following the key words of: protect, isolate, retreat alongside the theme of insulate. 
    The outcome created features a wearable plastic shield, which encases over the shoulders and showcases a balanced and sculptural design with the use of a plastic material. Parts of folded fabric in a tessellation pattern are attached onto the underside of the shoulder case, as well as behind the head, each having the ability to protract and insulate the wearer in a cocoon-like structure.