I was invited by Antalis Bulgaria to create six paper object, using the new color range of Keaykolour and Curious Metallics by Arjowiggins Creative Papers. I found inspiration in the names (most of them based on different natural objects) and the refined natural textures of these uncoated papers. The final result were six 45x45cm paper letters that formed the word "colors". 

  • C for Crystals
    The first letter is inspired by the mesmerizing crystals and the gorgeous paper Pink Quartz (Curious Metallics).

  • O for Ocean
    This paper "O" is diving deep in to the ocean. It represents the beautiful coral reef Atoll, which is also the name of the vibrant turquoise paper by Keaykolour.

  • L for Leaf Fall
    The “L” represents all the beautiful and warm autumn colors. The papers that were used are Indian Yellow, Pumpkin, Coral (Keaykolour).

  • O for Organic
    This "O" is bursting with life, like a small jungle. It's created with the papers Kiwi (Keaykolour) & Aloe (Curious Metallics).

  • R for river
    The force of moving water and the papers Azure and Royal Blue (Keaykolour) are the inspiration behind this “R”.

  • S for Space
    Inspired by the cosmos and the shimmery paper INK (Curious Metallics Collection), this letter is created on different levels, that represent the different dimensions.

  • Credits

    Design&Art Direction: Tsvetislava Koleva
    Photography: Georgi Stoilov

    Thank you!