MolecularYou Health Intelligence Platform

  • Molecular You is a Vancouver based bio-technology company that analyzes biomarkers from the collected blood sample to give the most in-depth scientific health assessment available.

    The Molecular You Health Intelligenceᵀᴹ platform curates global scientific and clinical literature for evidence of biomarkers linked to health risks and provides a suitable action plan to improve upon them.​​​​​​​ The team includes physicians, geneticists, protein and microbe specialists, fitness and nutrition scientists and experts in bioinformatics, systems biology and data visualization.

  • The Molecular You Health Intelligenceᵀᴹ (MYhi) platform was designed with, by and for scientist, doctors and health care practitioners. As the business model shifted, their target audience changed and hence the product became B2C. The aim and intend for this project was to make the UI simple and comprehendible for the normal audience. 

    MYhi has two major components (sub-products) i.e. myFitnessFx and myNutritionFxInitially the platform had a long page of text - 'Health Data Highlights' to summarise all the information for various assessments. This led to a need for creating an interactive dashboard for the users where they could go through all the vital information related to their health risks. 

  • The platform was created in two colour modes: Light mode and a Dark mode for different subscriptions. The baseline package would come in Light mode where as the Pro and the Max packages would have the Dark UI.

  • A major goal for this dashboard was to combine the health data and action plan recommendations so that a user could immediately discover what next step they can take to improve their health without having to navigate to another part of the platform. Previously, no part of the user experience combined both health data and actionable recommendations which left many users during our initial round of user testing wondering what they should do next given their health risks. The need for this integration was also apparent from user testimonials and second-hand feedback from the customer service team.

  • The dashboard is divided into three parts: 
    1. About You:
    It gives the user vital information on what’s working and what needs attention. This page also gives you a glimpse of their key fitness, nutrition and health insights. Users can also check their inherited traits - from caffeine metabolism to strength and endurance.

    2. Molecular You:
    This page helps users to discover the primary blood markers that are affecting their health at that moment. They can also check the early warning blood markers that may be flagging their potential health risks or dietary imbalances.

    3. Optimal You
    This extremely tailored and customised page helps the user discover what a user can do for their optimal health and performance. They can see the diet, supplement and exercise recommendations – based on their unique data.

  • myFitnessFx is designed for people who want to know how their body responds to exercise, and what improvements can be made to optimize their health and fitness. Through in-depth analysis of blood markers, myFitnessFx pinpoints underlying factors that may be holding performance back or contributing to injuries and inflammation. A personalized fitness plan is designed for each individual based on their unique needs and any potential health risks.

  • As everyone has different set of nutritional needs, through an in-depth analysis of blood markers - myNutritionFx spots nutritional imbalances and deficiencies that may be leading to health risks. A personalized nutrition plan is designed for each individual based on their  needs and any potential health risks.

  • Packaging design for an upcoming product 'myCannabis' -  DNA testing kit.
    myCannabis is a genetic test that analysis your response to active ingredients in cannabis as well as other medications. This product focuses on genetic analysis to determine THC and CBD sensitivity and avoid drug interactions for personalized cannabis selection.

  • Client: Molecular You
    Date: April - August 2019
    Project type: User Experience, User Interface, Research and Packaging