Cartooney - Exhibition Identity

  • Image: Anvil Centre - New Media Gallery
  • Cartooney
    New Media Gallery, New Westminster, BC
    October 19, 2019 - February 02, 2020

    ‘Cartooney’ is a video exhibition currently on show at New Media Gallery, that features six artists who explore consistent laws and systems through a cartoon landscape that relate to or supersede the laws of human world. These rules are often based on how cartoon characters view their world, rather than how we think things should actually work. The apparent paradox of cartoon world mirrors the instability of modern life where the meaning of things is perceived as contrasting to the expectation. 

    This project aims to understand different ways to look at branding, as 'living through' the exhibition and on its abilities to engage an audience. Primarily my role was to establish a visual design system for the exhibition which could interact with the visitors in a spatial setting. I was also responsible to design exhibition graphics including main wall text, doors labels and the glass facade. I had to translate the visual language onto design collaterals which were used to invite people for various media while assisting in the production work. 

    My role was to capture the feeling of darkness;  ironic, political with some angst in the design to depict the exhibition while making the visitors look small in the space to mirror the cartoon landscape. 
  • Highly contrasting colour scheme to depict the feeling of angst. 
  • Artwork interpretations in defined colour scheme
  • Credits: New Media Gallery - Educational tour