Bedside Books Branding

  • Art Direction : Yi-Hsuan Li 李宜軒
    Graphic Design : Yi-Hsuan Li 李宜軒
    Client : Bedsidebooks
    Printer: Wei-Yang Printing Enterprise Co.,LTD
    Interior Photography : Wanwan Chang
    Print Photography : Shengyuan Hsu

    Bedside Book是一間只在晚上營業的小書店。書店客人,可以或坐或躺,以舒適姿勢閱讀。說是做書店,不如說是希望打造一個能放鬆與書邂逅的場所。就如完成手邊工作的夜晚,我們沖澡、吹乾頭髮、全身放鬆地爬上床,翻開床邊的書本,進入自由而純粹的閱讀時空那樣。
    設計概念呼應書店氛圍,採用簡單線條、清新無添加的設計風格去呈現這樣一間有趣的書店。 在 Logo的設計上以「床邊視角」呈現設計,Logo可圓也可收斂至兩行字,可依據不同情境選擇使用方式。柔軟線條建構起了書店的圖騰,高低起伏你可以看成山、也可以想成水波,都是令人放鬆的畫面。

    Bedside Book is a small bookstore that opens at night. Customers in the bookstore are welcomed to read in their most comfortable positions; feel free to sit or lie down. It is built to be a place where we can really relax and meet the books, not just a simple bookstore. It creates a space where we enter, when the moment we finish our work, take a shower, dry our hair, and unfold the book on the bedside. The space that is free and pure, for reading.
    The design concept corresponds with the vibe in the bookstore, utilizing simple lines and plain, uncluttered style to present such an interesting bookstore. “Angles from the bedside” starts the design of the logo. The logo can be round or converge into two lines of texts, depending on the usages from different scenarios. Soft lines establish the image of the bookstore. The ups and downs from the lines can be seen as mountains or waves; both are relaxing scenes, just like the bookstore.

  • Designed by Studio Pros
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