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  • Web design & development for Elektroraad Expertise, a company that provides courses in the field of electrical engineering. Leading in electrotechnical standards, installing voltage installations and providing relevant jurisdictions. The design transmits information in a transparent, accessible and modern way. The website has tools easy to use for professionals. Subscribers and clients have extra features. The most important feature is one which makes it possible to generate an agreement document.

  • Phase I 

    I started the project with a brainstorm session which lead to sketching out ideas how the website could look. After selecting the best ideas I created wireframes, various concepts were made for the website. Each concept with a different look & feel. The best concept was made into a full web design. The web design was developed into a content management system (CMS) website.

  • Phase II

    After the website was online and working well a tool was added that makes it possible to answer technical questions. This tool is called Beslismodel (decision-model) and gives engineers inside on which inspection form fits their activities. The tool is very easy to use (user friendly). The user can either select 'yes' or 'no' and that leads to the right answer to their situation.

  • Phase III

    The last phase was to create a subscription platform with login. The users on the members list can get exclusive access to the 'Overeenkomstgenerator'. This 'agreement generator' makes it possible to generate an official agreement document by filling in questions based on the situation of the user. When the user is done filling in the questions it gets the file per email, ready to print.
  • Completion

    After completing the website in the 3 phases the site was ready to present in optimum use. To introduce the website to potential users and to show all the benefits of the site, a course was planned. The Invitation was per email and flyer (below).
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