• FORMY.XYZ is an online magazine devoted to design, published by the Faculty of Industrial Design of The Academy of Fine Arts (ASP) in Krakow. Each quarterly issue is composed of six problem focused articles. Besides articles, the magazine is composed of Krótkie Formy (Short Forms) i.e. news, reviews, essays and any other short text or graphical expression forms related to design.

    In our project we’ve put emphasis on legibility, a clear structure and good typography.
    We also focused on functionalities, which help read and share the information with other users more efficiently.

    We have designed UX and UI.

    Design Halo creative studio
    Animations Dima Gavrikow
    Magazine editors Piotr Hojda, Czesława Frejlich, Piotr Michura, Kamil Kamysz, Dawid Kozłowski, Mariusz Sobczyński

    ISNN 2657-8727

  • FORMY is a very open initiative set on constant growth. That said, we’ve decided it does not need a classic, static logo. We want the sign, as well as the whole FORMY itself to change with each new premise, inspiration, ideas and person. As a starting point – the first version of the sign – we proposed a vibrating typography form.

  • With each new issue of the magazine the cover changed, being designed by an artist picked by the editing. So far the front page of FORMY had the illustrations of Malgorzata Gutowska, Ronan Bouroullec and Jan Kallwejt. Every three months we also changed the main colour of the issue. We designed a system of main (100%) and assisting (7%) colours, which paired are applied on the whole page.

  • While reading the article the reader has the ability of adjusting the size of the typeface or leading. He can also choose from three different background for text. Each article has a progress bar with a pagina, paragraph counter and a share button.