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    Sin Ravnice is known for breeding autochthonous black Slavonian pigs, producing and selling meat products.
    Their business is oriented towards individual customers, restaurants and hotels. Sin Ravnice was founded by the famous Croatian soccer player Domagoj Vida and his friends.

    Develop a product brand name, positioning, Identity and packaging design for Slavonian black pig dried meat products. The main problem with packaging was the difference in width and height dimensions and the use of standard vacuum films, which are quite unattractive and don't leave a lot of design options.

    To ensure client's market visibility and originality,  we decided to go with a playful look & feel. This approach directly symbolises all of the brand qualities. Oink black pig products are original, delicious, traditional and local.
    The goal we wanted to achieve with new product packaging was to present customers the story behind breeding black pigs and producing traditional meat delicacies of the highest quality. 
    We have designed a set of illustrations created in linocut technique which display craftsmanship. The illustrations themselves present authenticity and urge the customer to think about Oink products, their flavour and texture.

    Packaging and labelling problems have been turned into benefits. We have simplified and reduced the cost of production, storage, packaging and preparation for delivery. The new packaging leaves a whole new impression 
    on customers and how they perceive the Oink brand.