The loft-style kitchen is an ideal solution for dynamic, relaxed and risky natures, whose hearts beat in unison with the heart of the metropolis. The urban aesthetics of the concrete jungle, full of metal, glass and plastic, is a hundred times nicer than pastoral serenity. The interior of the loft kitchen is a storehouse of original design ideas! Here, an unconventional layout, and bold use of finishing materials, and ergonomic design, and an extraordinary palette of colors, and shocking decor.

                                                                                  Please watch the video "exist pr0ject"

  • The main highlight is that the room looks quite simple, but at the same time it is stylish and interesting.

           For example, if we’re talking about which wall decoration option is best to choose,  I advise you to pay attention to white or red stone. If it is not possible to use natural stone, then a decorative overlay-imitation is perfect.