Japanese-inspired nights, calm and terror

  • This is a selection of works with something in common: night scenes with japanese atmosphere. The night always has something misterious, magical, and sometimes scary. As a creator I enjoy the challenge of finding the colors and emotions I want to express on this context. I find it difficult since you can't rely on photographs, one has to find it's own way of understanding the colors of the night. ​​​​​​​

    Thanks for all the people that gave me this opportunity on working with these ideas and let me grow as an illustrator. 

  • The first one is a poster for a japanese restaurant called Koto Sampo in Melbourne, inspired in Kyoto. This project was directed by the award winner designer Harley Johnston.
  • This is a poster for an italian theater company called Anomalia. The plot of the play tells the relationship between the student and the master of martial arts.
  • I worked on this project with the great The WP BrandStudio for an article that talks about the japanese tradition on terror literature, specifically on the Yurei ghost, the lost souls that left this world with an unfinished desire and they returned haunting their relatives. 
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