• The multimedia installation 'Teleport' is one of the impressive points in The Russian Railway Museum. The main idea of the installation is traveling to the future. Visitors enter one door and come inside the teleport, where they are enjoying the show and losing their orientation in space and time, and then leaves the other door to the ‘future zone’ of railroad industry.

  • Set up
    Dome projection, multi-channel spatial sound system, individually controlled architectural lights 360°, spherical screen in the center and automatic sliding doors in the walls — three of them are fake and used to trick viewers.

  • Content
    We've made three versions of the video content — for adults, for children and art version.

  • I

  • II
  • Process

  • III

  • VR-preview 360

  • Styleframes
  • Light

  • Process
  • Client: KMVI

    Idea — Andrey Pazgalev / Art Director — Ivan Nikitin

  • Production: Pitch

    Creative Director — Boris Kislitsin / Technical Director — Dmitriy Napolnov / Production Director — Maxim Chepukhalin /
    Project Manager — Danil Gerasimenko / Account Managers — Julia Barskaya, Anastasia Styrova /
    Automotion Lead Engineer — Vladimir Makhnov / Automation Engineers — Valeriy Kozhukhov, Alexandr Lukin /
    Designing Engineer — Oleg Savitchev / Lightning Engineer — Pavel Bezrodniy / Lightning Technician — Alexey Grachev /
    Network Engineer — Dmitriy Mashnin / Frontend Developer — Vladimir Protsenko /
    Media Server Engineers — Sergey Pervakov, Vadim Kozakovsky

    Art Director — Svetlana Golovchanskaya / Supervisors — Roman Kuligin, Ilya Ponomarev, Sergey Antashov /
    3D Artists — Rustam Arazov, Yaroslav Yanchev, Anastasia Kulyabina /
    Concept Artists — Maxim Trofimov, Isa Karpenko, Konstantin Voskresensky /
    Motion Designers — Stanislav Fabiyansky, Maxim Malakhov, Artem Perevertin, Alexandr Ugodnov, Aman Rejepov, Dmitriy Kobets, Mirsaid Bakiev, Roman Kopytsev, Alexey Gladkov, Vladimir Lukoyanov, Aslan Djantemirov /
    Music and sound design — Alexey Devyanin (Pixelord)

    Technical support — Instels, Vladimir Popilin, KMVI, FrontPictures

  • 2018–2019