China Ceramic Fashion Magazine design

  • CHINA CERAMIC FASHION is the first Chinese-English magazine in Chinese ceramic industry, aiming to promote the Chinese ceramic brands in the world stage. Established in January. 2013, it advocates the positive energy of the ceramic industry in China with professional reports and broad platform to the buyers all over the world. I as the one and only designer, designed the quarterly magazine for the publisher.
    《CERAMIC FASHION》中国瓷尚是首本为中国陶瓷China制造在国际舞台发声的中英文杂志, 2013年1月全球首发,从专业的角度、广阔的平台,向海外专业买家传播中国陶瓷正能量。我应《CERAMIC FASHION》中国瓷尚的委托,为他们设计每年四期出版的中英文杂志。