After having painted numerous huge oil pictures I was longing to create something smaller and less odorous.

    While painting these pictures I was thinking of the shapes appearing in nature. I was examining aerial photographies and microscopic images. Comparing these two I found lots of similarities.

    Sometimes it is hard to decide if we are looking at pictures of a chemical experiment under a microscope or drone images of a landscape.
    The floating ice on Vistula River viewed from high above resembles alunite crystallisation. Metal displacement under a microscope reminds me of the growth of ferns and mosses.

    I don’t know if these are only associations or real similarities but the shapes on my paintings are like satellite images of river deltas, or plankton or the refraction of the light on a soap bubble.

    My pictures are made with suminagashi technique with a minor difference; time by time I
    added some extra ingredient to the water such as different types of salts, wall paper glue, herbs, etc. That’s how I found out how the ink may create different shapes on the surface of the water.