• materie unite
    creative direction // branding // website // copywriting 

    A new brand of furniture and space set-up designed with sustainable materials made with industrial cutting and manual assembly techniques.​​​​​​​ We experiment with the union of cardboard with different compound materials, in search for an aesthetic style that communicates through its personality, in harmony with any kind of environment.

    The goal of the project was to communicate a medium-high range brand with strong roots in made in Italy design and traditions.
    materieunite - literally joined materials - is the naming chosen to express a plural entity made of different material (not only cardboard) and people (not only designers) that join together and create a new productive process.
  • We designed a visual grammar to decline the brand now and in the future.
    The movement of the numerical control machine to cut materials inspired us.
    Everything starts with a square base, stable and one-dimensional space.Lines, pins and rails scroll and hook through the square grid. By organizing, they create languages and layouts.