Doña Pakyta

  • When I started working on this project for the Spanish firm Alutec I was asked to design a chair for outdoors. Then, I thought about those summer nights in south Spain and the idea of cane chairs placed by the doors of the houses in the villages came to my mind. From that point, I found inspiration on the small villages around Cabo de Gata, in Almería, where I’m from.

    The rounded shapes and the construction of these pieces are inspired by old cane chairs. The result is a collection that transmits the feeling of classic old chairs from a new perspective.
  • New Perspectives
    Shapes and construction are taken from old cane chairs and they are addapted to Aluminum and new production methods. The result is a piece that reminds the classic chairs but it adds new features.
  • Doña Pakyta Armchairs
  • The name DoñaPakyta (Ms Pakyta in English) comes from the name of the woman who fought to preserve the natural park of Cabo de Gata when it was about to be destroyed to build buildings. Thanks to her work, we can all enjoy this nature environment nowadays. This is my little tribute.
  • Doña Pakyta chairs
  • Design process
  • Thank you very much!