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  • VR project for Spas Sky
    apartment complex in Podilskyi district, Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Project name : full VR for apartment complex Spas Sky
    Location : Kyiv, Ukraine
    Visual content : 3DTOUR Agency
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    HTC Vive, PC and Nvidia Geforce GTX1080Ti

    Virtual reality, Unreal engine 4, HTC Vive, 3ds MAX, Adobe Photoshop

    2 month

    Spas Sky is a premium class club house from the largest Ukrainian developer Ukrbud. 3DTOUR team created interior and exterior renders, a couple of videos and a VR tour to present in a specially equipped VR room. 

    It turned out to be a rather complex and time-consuming project — a residential complex with 30 apartments and surroundings. But the main difficulty for us was a searching for a right solution for several technical issues that we've encountered during the workflow, and creating high-quality VR content.

    For static renders and 360 panoramas we used the Nvidia Ansel engine. The main tool for 3d modeling was 3ds Max. We integrated the render of the ready made model into one of the videos

  • We used the ArchiCAD model and the drawings provided by our customer as references. But had to rebuilt model completely, as the grid topology did not meet the real-time application requirements. Besides, we removed all of the unnecessary objects that wouldn't have been visible in the VR project — metal parts of carrying walls and other technical elements.

    In addition, our team carried out all the development, export and import of models semi-automatically or manually, since back then the Unreal Datasmith toolkit had not yet been released.

    As for VR, the optimization of this solution requires stable operation of the application with a frequency of 90 frames per second (FPS). For the normal FPS level, it was necessary to divide the entire scene into ~ 13 Streaming level, as well as to add a level of detailization (LOD) for all possible objects. Thus, it became possible to load different locations as needed.

    Moreover, we implemented an additional way to navigate between locations and view information about the apartment using hot keys. This solution makes the presentation in sales department especially convenient, as it allows the client to move quickly to any desirable location.

    This was one of our first large-scale VR architecture solutions. It allowed customers to evaluate both the club house itself and its surroundings, seamlessly move around the apartments and evaluate the view from the window.

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