Eklektik Session 2019

  • Eklektik Session
    Home & Identity

    Every year, Eklektik Session creates a beautiful festival following a different theme. This year we were exploring concepts related to Home & Identity.

    Our sense of identity consists of many layers, such as beliefs, personality, appearance and culture. We are characterized by multidimensionality. We are similar and we are different at the same time. We are unique and for every one of us "Home" means something different.

  • Generating

    To create a dynamic system reflecting the variety of identities among us, I started with generating a handful of house-shapes. This rig was set up using Cinema 4D.

  • Similar and different at the same time

    Combining generated shapes created unique compositions used throughout the identity. 

  • Erlend Apneseth Trio Photo Credit: Julie Marie Nagle