730 Days of Miniature art 2019 (September)

  • 730 Days of Miniature art 

    These artworks are part of our 365 days of miniature series which we started on 1st January 2018 and continued it for the next year making it an 730 days of miniature ART series

    This time we expanded our topic of art from just BIRDS to all the FLORA & FAUNA found on our earth.
    So this particular series showcases different beings from our Nature in a miniature Paper art format, it includes animals, reptiles, trees, plants and everything Nature has to offer.

    Each artwork is made by cutting it in different layers on paper and than painted with water colors and hand assembled to give a final 2.5 Dimensional look. Each artwork takes from 4-6 hours to finish. 

    We enjoyed each artwork everyday and learned a lot about our wonderful nature while making them.

    So here are the artworks from the month of September 2019, hope you will enjoy it.
  • The Many-coloured rush Tyrant making their nest 
  • Reed Warbler feeding a Cuckoo chick
  • The Ruby cheeked Sunbird 
  • The Eastern Towhee
  • The Red naped Ibis
  • The Lesser Florican
  • The Corncrake
  • The Lion 🦁 mating “Caught in the act”
  • The Colombian chachalaca
  • The Plush-crested Jay
  • The Bronzy Hermit
  • The Jungle Babbler
  • The Tufted Flycatcher
  • The Himalayan Monal
  • The Tailorbird feeding his chicks
  • The Ecuadorian Hillstar
  • The Red Warbler
  • The Okapi
  • The Gray Jay
  • The Horned Lark
  • The Forest Pit Viper
  • The Cougar commonly known as mountain lion, panther, puma and catamount
  • Chestnut-eared Aracari
  • The Spectacled Owl 
  • The Green Anaconda
  • The Green Anaconda
  • Yellow-headed Caracara
  • The Lowland Tapir or the Amazonian Tapir with his young one
  • Jandaya Parakeet with his chicks

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