• Feed the beast

    The task is to work out design of a cat food pack for the "Feed the Beast" delivery service that combines with the national Russian colour and the modern approach to formulation and production.

    Feed the beast is premium cat food delivery service. The specialty is three traditional jager dishes: venison in north style with cloudberries, Siberian hare with raspberries and middlerussian blackcock meat with new potatoes. The tastes that for sure will be paid attention to by even the most choosy pet.

    Every cat is a hunter by nature. After a cat takes notice of the prey, it will never take the eyes of that. The pack is shot through with this exciting moment: the cat directs its gaze on the tenants of the dark forest which are going to be its dinner

  • Credits:
    Art director: Katya Mushkina
    Illustrator: Eva Naroditskaya
    3D visualization : Pavel Gubin
    Copywriter: Aleksey Kalyan 
    Client: Feed the beast