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    MOUTI es el cepillo de dientes para niños que convierte el cepillado diario en una experiencia educativa única.
    Con MOUTI, sus hijos aprenderán a cepillarse eficazmente todas las partes de la boca durante el tiempo recomendado por los expertos.


    Concepto: Baimey Chea, Roberto Rebolledo.
    Diseño de interacción y experiencia de usuario: Pamela Armstrong.
    Diseño de producto y Hardware: Francisco Abarca, Jorge Reyes.
    Dirección de Arte: Eliú Chea.
    Colaboradores externos: DMO Design company, PROTEIN LAB-UTEM, Jorge Reyes.

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    Mouti is the toothbrush for kids that turns daily brushing into a unique educational experience.
    With MOUTI your children will learn how to efficiently brush every part of their mouth for the time recommended by experts.

    Concept: Baimey Chea, Roberto Rebolledo.
    Interaction Design and User Experience: Pamela Armstrong.
    Product Design and Hardware: Francisco Abarca, Jorge Reyes.
    Art Direction and Comunications: Eliú Chea.
    External collaborators: DMO Design company, PROTEIN LAB-UTEM, Jorge Reyes.

  • ​​​​​​​THE TOOTHBRUSH 
    It´s been especially designed for kids, with a soft texture and antibacterial materials. It has a system of colored lights that light up its body, guiding the children to brush each part of ​​their mouth at the right time.
    Mouti works manually, it has a rechargable battery and interchangeable heads.
    With colours!
    MOUTI teaches your child to associate colours with each part of the mouth making it easy to form healthy teeth brushing habits.​​​​​​​
    Our team has researched for years, we have done tests with children and parents and we have created more than 50 prototypes. We received collaborations from specialists in the area of ​​oral health, design and business.

    Together we have co-created the best educational toothbrush!​​​​​​​

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