Brand Manual // Rolling Stone // Rebranding

  • b r a n d  m a n u a l
  • The project was to rebrand a company that falls into a defined set of criteria: dead, dying, or defunct. We were to bring the brand back to life through relevant and well thought out branding techniques. I defined Rolling Stone as a brand that was dying in comparison to its prior prowess as the go to magazine for all things counter culture. Striving to bring the fire back to the brand I went forth to rebuild the brand from the ground up. I defined every aspect of the brand: the logo type/brand mark, typefaces and how they are to be used in the right way, photography style, all new business system, and brand extensions. I chose to call on the DIY movement in order to bring back the brands connection with the counter culture and provided a brand extension of high pigment spray paint and markers. In addition there are gallery spaces that are also locations for community centers; creating a venue for expression. Rolling Stone is about touching the street level and the media end, while never sacrificing its ties to the counter culture. The final extension is to build a website and phone application, as well as a television based news network that would reside tie all these aspects together. The new brand will bring together news, the media, politics, arts/music, and society in order to be THE CATALYST FOR CULTURAL CHANGE in our society.