Honningcentralens Smakshonning

              Westerdals 2013
              Smakshonning is a new range of honey with added flavor 
              (hazelnut, raspberry and thyme) from Honningcentralen, 
              Norway's leading honey producer. The idea was to create 
              a chemistry inspired bottle, to emphasize the applicability
              of honey within gastronomy.
              In addition to the three 350g main bottles, a gift set with a 
              portion size bottle of each flavour was created. The gift set
              bottles have a cork with the classic honey stick attached to
              it, resembling pipette found in chemistry labs.
              A collaboration between Morten Johansen, Ida Dølplads 
              & Marius SundeIllustrations by Pia Cathrin Habostad.
               Featured on Lovely Package — 5/24-13 
               Featured on The Dieline — 5/30-13