Osulloc Pure Tea Line

  • Renewing a brand with a history has a different meaning than creating a new one. The package design renewal of the Osulloc pure tea line(Green Tea - Fermented Tea - Premium Tea - Herb Tea), which CFC collaborated with Amore Pacific Premium Design Team, was to preserve the brand's legacy while evolving it to fit the context of the times. It is a work that captures the quality of Osulloc and delicate details in a gentle evolution that matches the language of the target.

    Below were our project objective.
    1. Delivering more sophisticated and premium look and feel
    2. More informative design in a friendly way 

    We refined the Osulloc line motif into a more sophisticated form. New package design is more elegant with gradients reflecting different colors of each tea. New index system also delivers detailed information about the Osulloc Tea -region, harvest seasons and drinking methods etc.
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  • Osulloc Pure Tea Line Package Design Renewal
    Client: Amore Pacific

    Project Team
    Amore Pacific Premium Design Team
    Project Management & Design
    Package Visual Identity & Design Dev.

    Art Direction & Design: Charry Jeon
    Design: Saerom Kang, Ziyoung Kim, Nara Yoon, Yoonji Nam, Jeongmoon Choi
    Photography: Kiwoong Hong