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  • Live 360° Virtual tour and Video Advertising​​​​​​​ for Marifarm
    Pharmaceutical company from Maribor, Slovenia

  • Project name : 360° Virtual tour with Live video insertions and Full Video Advertising for Marifarm
    Location : Maribor, Slovenia
    Visual content : 3DTOUR Agency
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    Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, Adobe  After Effect and Krpano

    3 month

    OUR team
    A team of 9: project manager, 3 operators, frontend developer, 2 technical designers, designer, and post-production editor.

    3DTOUR team created for Marifarm LLC, Slovenian pharmaceutical company that provides high-quality contract services, a Virtual Reality 3d tour (with include 360° aerial panorama, 360° photo panoramas material, video inserts for photo panoramas Live Photo look and User Interface for tour) and a promo video to present at conferences and events. Its now an essential part of company presentation. It helps acquaint potential partners, clients, and newcomers with manufacturing processes.
    Despite the fact that our team had to work in specific industrial conditions (there were moments, because of we had to wear a uniform) we tried to capture the most important moments of each stage of production and delivered a best content that client needed . 

  • Video Advertising with motion graphic and aerial videography 

  • visual content agency 3DTOUR

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