• Recently I did a set of illustrations  based on lyrics of the song "Mitago" by Latvian band Zāle (the song, in turn, was inspired by Robert Holdstocks novel "Mythago wood"). I'm featuring a very loose translation made by myself so you could understand, what's going on :)
  • She's not old or young
    With a wreath of red berries on her head
  • Her feet stretch into the ground like roots
    In the night she looks at you through the window

  • Fire roared in its sleep
    Arms are rustling along with a foliage
  • Soil flows in her veins
    She is searching for you with her black eyes
  • She rises with the sun
    In a jump of a fish she flashes above the water
  • She covers with the fog
    Dark fields that are cradling you
  • Sketches: