Sasha Kim Branding

  • Sasha Kim is a luxury dress brand for little princesses. The brand believes that a fairy tale can overcome reality. After all reality can only be comparable to a fairy tale, but never better. 
    The brand's mission is to turn childhood into a never ending fairy tale. That's why the logo serves as both a name abbreviation and an infinity sign with a princess crown.

  • The main pattern consists of symbols that belong to the most famous princesses in mass culture. In the pattern you can find the Snow White apple, Cinderella's shoe, a rose from the Beauty and the Beast and a lot of other references that turn the pattern into a discovery game.

  • And of course we've made a version of the pattern for the boys' collection.

  • Also there are patterns for special occasions, such as a collaboration between Sasha Kim and Universal during the launch of “How to Train Your Dragon 3”.

  • And, of course, "it's all about merchandising".

    Sasha Kim Kids Cafe also got its own pattern inspired by fairy tale symbols of feasts. You may find there Mad Hatter's hat, Ginger Cookie Man and a lot more references to the famous characters.

  • And now for a little merchandising twist. Every princess can get with her new dress a family look: a tiny version of her dress made for her favourite doll.

  • The Clients

    Strategy & creative: Alexandr Bozhko, Ivan Dergachev 
    Art direction: Lidiya Kapysh
    Design: Anna Pazyuk, Alexandra Chushkina, Albert Safin