Road Trip - mobile Game visual development

  • Road Trip is a mobile game developed by Ficus Lab a Ukrainian / Australian digital mobile games laboratory. This Game is a Puzzle "clear the board" game Telling the story Of Ann, a cute girl of San Francisco and her smart dog Snoop, travelling to amazing countries, meeting  interesting people and more! 
    I had the opportunity to make the visual  development of the game: character design, environments, logo and Illustrations and more.
    Hope you enjoy this game and my artwork! Cheers!

    All the artworks are property of
  • Character development
  • Ann's character development
  • Researching character design is not just about eyes, lips or hairstyle (which are obviously important) but it is also about understanding the way Ann smiles, the way she feels or acts. This is where the real challenge is.
  • Blonde or brunette?
  • Final design and expressions
  • outfits
  • Snoop character development
  • We started research on Snoop as soon as we felt connected to Ann`s personality. Among the most popular breeds, we picked Jack Russell Terrier and portrayed vitality and intelligence, inherent for this dog.
  • Final design and expressions
  • Dynamic duo!
  • Environments and backgrounds
  • We wanted our pictures to look natural, not like instagram photos. This is why all character situations we introduce look real life and can happen to anyone
  • Early design proposals
  • UI design
  • All art assets and icons down to the smallest detail are designed with visual storytelling in mind. Everything corresponds to the mood and atmosphere of the game. 
  • cubes 
  • icons
  • Balloons and Donuts!
  • Packs 
  • Boosters and Power ups
  • early concept 
  • final concept
  • All together!