Dirty Work - Vivo Controle


  • Another one for Dirty Work Factory. This time, I ventured myself on Character Animation. I was responsible for creating all the animation for the first and third movie and did all the animation cleanup for the second movie. I was also responsible for Character Modelling for the first movie and for some rigging adjustments, lighting and rendering of all the movies. It was a big challenge with a tight deadline but it was really fun to be involved in and we were really happy with the results. Hope you enjoy it as well :)

  • Agency: Y&R
    Client: Vivo
    Production Company: Dirty Work
    Directors: Gustavo Leal, Faga Melo
    Executive Producer: Ito Andery
    Production Coordinator: Jéssica Sales
    Art Direction: Felms
    Storyboard: Che Marcheti
    Illustration: Vencys Lao
    Animatic: Raul Vanussi
    3D Modelling: Milton Dias, Caio Bucaretchi
    Rigging: João Victor Ferreira, Caio Bucaretchi
    3D Animation: Caio Bucaretchi, Rodrigo Henrique
    Look Development: Milton Dias
    Lighting/Render: Caio Bucaretchi
    2D Animation/Comp: Caique Moretto, Fernando Jurado
    Audio: RAW audio