Orkestra - Website

  • Orkestra is a team specialized in content marketing, advertising creation, branding and experiential marketing. But apart from that, they make it a point to not do anything like the others. An agency that dreams of "Killing the Agency". So that was exactly the brief Locomotive got for this project: to highlight Orkestra's unique culture while killing the traditional agency site. 

    We always start by laying down the existing core brand elements, values, pillars and objectives for the project: Our purpose. For Orkestra, we emphasized the agency’s strength, more specifically their high level of creativity and their strong culture inside and out. Let the fun begin — the introductory statement to the experience which leads the user to interact with this title right away by unlocking a playful motion video in fullscreen.

  • Project Management — Maxime Moulin
     Creative Direction — Louis Paquet
     Art Direction & Design — Louis Paquet
     Strategy — Dust™ Leblanc
     Front-end Development — Quentin Hocdé, Deven Caron
     Back-end Development — Xavier Aymond