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    “Florida Eis” is an ice cream manufacturer from Berlin-Spandau. The company is one of the first CO2 neutral ice cream producers in Germany, which place great emphasis on a sustainable production. Also traditional ice cream machines are still in use to produce the unique taste as well.
    Additionally, the Florida sorbets are lactose- and gluten-free, which means people with certain allergies can also enjoy it. In summary, 
    Florida Eis sells high quality and delicious ice cream, which is produced ecologically. 


    In consumer interviews it was noticeable that the phrase "the ones with the blue packaging" was often used to describe the brand Florida Eis. Therefore, the biggest and most important challenge during the redesign was to retain the brands recognition value of the blue packaging. The main problem with the current blue color, was having difficulties in finding color combinations without creating an ugly “flicker contrast


    From my point of view the solution was to keep the color blue in its creative presence, but in a darker saturated blue tone, which can be perfectly combined with other color values. I created two different patterns that help consumers quickly distinguish between sorbets and milk ice cream as well. Another main characteristic of the packaging was the banderole, which primarily served to identify the varieties and give the hand-made, high-quality ice cream its uniqueness. When designing the word mark, it was important to me to retain the characteristics of the lettering (offset outline, tail of the letter F) and still give the logo a more youthful look.