Tairovo Gardens - ARCHVIZ | Virtual Tour | AERIAL

  • Archviz and Virtual tour for Tairovo Gardens
    apartment complex in Odessa, Ukraine​​​​​​​

  • Project name : Architectural visualization and virtual CGI tour with design for apartment complex Tairovo Gardens
    Location : Odessa, Ukraine
    Visual content : 3DTOUR Agency
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  • HOW WE DID IT​​​​​​​
    3Ds Max, Corona render, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, Krpano

    3 month

    Tairovo Gardens is one of the largest and modern neighbourhood units of Southern Ukraine. It has extensive infrastructure: a residential complex, school, kindergarten, mall, sports ground, market and even a pool and a boulevard.

    For Tairovo Gardens we have developed a virtual tour, which contains 15 ground and 2 aerial panoramas; a web interface for its presentation and additionally — over 30 renders of the neighbourhood unit.

    It was a complicated and time-consuming task. Not least because of the area size: we've spend a few weeks preparing and optimising a 3D scene, keeping high polygonality and maximal detalization. We have shot panoramas in different time of day and payed a special attention to shadows during rendering. We marked hotspots to help users navigate the virtual tour. 

    We have integrated 3D model of the neighbourhood unit into a photo material. This solution is super convenient for byers: it allows them to class the general view of the complex, its location and infrastructure, even estimate a sunny side of apartments and view from the window.

  • visual content agency 3DTOUR

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