Electrolux Masterchef

  • Masterchef was conceptualized to enable consumers to live healthy by gaining healthy and highly nutritional meals cooked through a virtual interface. With a simple tap on a Smartphone this product uses a wireless router to gain the desired recipe of lunch for dinner and sends the necessary information to the product that connects in your home via Internet. The product uses a vending machine mechanism to transfer raw ingredients into the induction cooking area. Controlled to the minutest detail, the heat, moisture, filtration, odor,safety and various factors are taken into account to allow for a non-human contact cooking process.
  • Masterchef
  • The Problem // Instant Gratification
  • "Why is the internet so slow", We've all heard or said that one. Technology, along with its benefits has given rise to a growing sense of impatience and instant gratification due to the speed of communication and response. This has trickled down to the activites in our daily lives. 
  •  The result of Instant Gratification
  • Microwave meals and Tv dinners. Cup noodles and ready to eats. Fast food and on the go stalls. These are the kinds of meals we need to avoid, yet we continue to consume more. There is a growing concern with the rise in obesity and part of the process is time. More and more we tend to decrease the amount we spend on tasks like cooking since we lack the time.
  • Is this where we are headed?