• Our rebranding began from the inside: by tidying up our internal culture. Having remembered our business vision—to become your preferred creative agency, by providing the best, meaningful brand experiences while continuously transforming to pursue this standard—we kicked the pedal into gear.

    In order to come back fresher better, we begin by going back to the basics: core value, system, and symbol. Symbols are the most revered avatars, as they not only visualize the intangibles but also accelerate the internalisation process of the values which we should adopt.

    Coming from the world’s rich history of ‘learning’, our avatar for internal culture comes in form as The Karsa. The Karsa is our spirit to clear the path through collaboration of ideas and shared goals. This culture is for the lifelong learners who strive to improve continuously to the horizon’s end, up from the shoulders of the giants.

    As we shall unravel together, there are six values in \\' which shall form our heavy rotation.