Pennyfarthing remake_Single wheel segway

  • Project :
    Remake of Penny-Farthing bicycle in personal segway
  • Penny Farthing bicycle
    Penny-Farthing is a bicycle that has been released after the safety bike came out in 1891 and became the epitome of a classical bicycle until now.
    It was named after the image of British coin Penny and Farthing. It is also called as the Odinnery, Big Wheel, High Wheel, and also as "Beanpole-bicycle" unofficially.
    The eye-catching design, with its large front wheel, was very popular with men back then.

  • Concept :
    A vintage segway that reflects the characteristics of Penny-Farthing bicycle that is aimed at stylish middle-aged people

  • Background :
    Recently, Segway has been in the spotlight as a daily commute.
    But I discovered that there are many segways on the market that are highly futuristic and mechanical desgins which do not seem to go well with suits.
    This is why I choose Penny-Farthing to redesign as segway.
    The characteristics of the bicycle which are large wheel, dense spokes, and main curved metal frame line were applied to the design giving it classical and vintage image.

  • There are three colors: vintage brown, chic black, and modern green.