Past Is History But The Future Is Mistry

  • Remake Of Old Masters Paintings ( Dante and Virgil In Hell, The Fallen Angel ,Mona Lisa ,The First Mourning )  Mixing Traditional Techniques With Digital Painting Media Using Wacom Cintiq  Graphic Display and Photoshop 

    Each Painting Is an original Remake from Rough Sketch to The Final Painting 

    Dante and Virgil
    Origianl Dante and Virgil is an 1850 oil on canvas painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau 

    In My Remake I Went More abstract using High Contrast Colors To Represent the hell and The Fight Between  the Two men which Represent  Both Anger & Pain with Brush strokes and contrasted colors ( Red , Blue , Orange ) keeping every detail in the background screaming  with painting on really high res And dpi keeping each small detail visible 
  • Close Up Details 
  • The Fallen Angel 
    Original painting By Alexandre Cabanel in 1847
  • Close Up Details 
  • Mona Lisa
    Original painting By Leonardo Da Vinci Between 1503-1506 
  • The First Mourning
    Original painting  By William - Adolphe Bouguereau in 1888
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