Kuchyn restaurant – website refresh

  • Kuchyň restaurant
    website refresh
  • Client: Ambiente
    Author: Michael Dolejš
    Cooperation: manGoweb (development & consultation), Milk Design Directors (wireframes) 
    Font: Helvetica Neue
    Type: Web

    Spring 2019
    Studio Najbrt
  • A new addition to the family of the newly redesigned websites that we are doing for Ambiente in Studio Najbrt with manGoweb – this time for Kuchyň restaurant in Prague. Our goal is to bring all of them to modern architecture, showcase the differences in all the restaurants that are under the group umbrella and highlight their respective brands.

    And since restaurants like Kuchyň or Myšák should be viewed as more exclusive, than others like LokálGrils or Dva Kohouti, that we also did, we redesigned our website template to make space for more custom animations, pages and other advancements, that these restaurants can make use of. 

    Still, work in progress, as with any design system with many stakeholders, but another step in the direction where the design system could work for other restaurants in the future.

    Live version:

  • Created with Studio Najbrt


    More case studies of all recent projects we are doing in Studio Najbrt coming soon. In the meantime, check our website or my some of the work in progress on links below.