• The Metric System.
    A system for measurement.
    Measuring money?

    Seven base pairs and seven banknotes. Every banknote from 5 Euro to 500 Euro introduces one of the base units of the metric system. The measurement system has been researched and established by European scientists and can be seen as a cultural heritage of Europe. The front of every banknote illustrates the first measurement tool which has been used to measure and research the examined base unit. Therefore the 20 Euro banknote shows the first meter bar which has been created to measure distance. The 100 Euro banknote illustrates the first kilogram which is stored in a glas dome until today. The back of every banknote shows the responsible scientist who developed and founded the unit during his research. The 10 Euro banknote shows a portrait of William Thomson, 1. Baron Kelvin, founder of the Kelvin unit.

        5 Euro – Second (s)
      10 Euro – Kelvin (K)
      20 Euro – Meter (m)
      50 Euro – Ampere (A)
    100 Euro – Kilogram (kg)
    200 Euro – Candela (cd)
    500 Euro – Mole (mol)