Super Rocky Run - Mobile Game

  • Welcome to Super Rocky Run! The game where you and your feline companion need to pounce, purr, and scratch your way to adventure!​​​​​​​

    Super Rocky Run
    available on App store and Google play​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • My role: Art Direction, Characters Design, Animation, UI & UX, Game Design, Level Design (Partially). I created all the graphic content and all Animations in the game.
    Main game concept was also mine :)
  • Beware! You'll need to worry about more than your jumping... There'll be dangerous obstacles, including huge pits and deadly spinning machines! Luckily, you've got incredible cat moves to help you out. You can jump, double-jump and activate your cat claws to take out enemies! Make sure you practice hard because the only way to to make it through is with cat-like reflexes, purfect pounce precision, and a whole 9 lives.
  • On your adventure, you'll explore stunning locations all lovingly crafted in Super Rocky Run gorgeous art style! Visit beautiful hilly landscapes, traverse arid desserts, and even venture into a spooky night forest. The action doesn't stop with plenty of unreal worlds, whacky obstacles, and intense gameplay to always keep you on your toes!
  • It's time to get ready for the ultimate scrolling adventure that's every bit as cute as it is exciting to play. There'll be countless levels, tons of rewards, and incredible catty gameplay that always lands on its feet! sharpen your claws because you're about to dash, scratch and pounce your way to riches!​​​​​​​

  • Gameplay
  •  The core game where the player controls Rocky Cat as he automatically runs from left to right, jumping on his own to clear small gaps or obstacles. The player must tap the touch screen to make Rocky jump over larger obstacles. The longer the screen is touched, the higher Rocky jumps. Like other side-scrolling games, the player must maneuver character over gaps, onto enemies, and into coins to collect them. The end goal is for the player to safely get Rocky through the level in the fastest time possible.

  • Animations
  • All animations created with Spine 2d by Esoteric Software.
    Particles and Fx created in Unity Particle System.

  • Characters

  • UI and UX​​​​​​​

  • Level Design 

    For Level Design and worldbuilding in 2D our team used Unity Tilemap and Tile Palette.

  • This time I also took part in levels design not only from visual side. 22 game levels (in all 4 game locations) created by me.
  • Our team worked very hard to make this game.
    Hope you enjoyed it!
  • Thanks
    for watching!