Di Trevi Water Fountain


    Roma Collection tackles the relevance of usual urban furniture and artifacts to the new paradigms of contemporary societies. This collection aims at a new vision on the communication/interaction between the cities and its users, inhabitants and commuters. Its design is inspired in Ancient Rome: concepts like nation, citizenship, order and beauty, explores formal syntheses of Roman numerals along with a continuous dialogue about reviving and reliving the outer communitary spaces. These premises promote the creation of sustainable products, unlimited social inclusion and pet friendly equipments. It also appeals to green transports. All the Roma Collection products fulfill more than one goal, such as confort, inclusion and ecology.

    The highlighted equipment is the Di Trevi Water Fountain, which aims at the sustainability of natural resources, preventing the water waste that is usually a characteristic of these equipments. When its trigger is pressed, the surplus enters a new cycle, going through two different channels to feed an integrated flower pot and an animal drinking fountain.

    Roma Collection won 1st place in the InovDesign 2019 contest promoted by Fundação de Serralves.

    Real model produced in reinforced concrete and galvanized steel lacquered with electrostatic paint, which controls the temperature of the metal, avoiding overheating from constant sun exposure. 
    Catalogue printed on 150 gsm munken paper, cover on 250 gsm recycled paper. 

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    A balanced management of the necessary material resources turned out to be the ultimate catalyst to new visions about design processes and methods. The Roma Collection manufacturing process was designed to minimize its costs and maximize the usage of a single mold for concrete depositing. This way, all the concrete components are made in the same mold which, with the addition of wooden partitions, easily allows new shapes without building expensive molds for each one.
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  • Art Direction / Design Rosana Sousa e Sofia Vieira 
    Producer Ereserv - Urban Solutions
    Photography Sofia Vieira e Rosana Sousa
    Year 2019
    Vector drawings of a lady and a dog from Dimensions.Guide