Drozd. Brand Identity, illustration, clothing. 2016.

  • Drozd is a satirically & depressive brand from Russia. This about stereotypes about Russians and some of human vices. And just for ROFL sometimes. Everything in this case from graphic illustrations to stripes — totally handmade.

    We made it in 2016 and it's important for me and for my design & art experience.
  • We came up with ideas and I drew about 30 illustrations for t-shirts, vape juice bottles, and other things. I tried to translate some, but some of them are untranslatable.
  • We sewed tags with our hands and we used only eco-friendly packaging materials.

    One of t-shirts was presented to Ilya Prusikin from famous rave group "Little Big". And it was nice to see it in the vlog.
  • We did not confine ourselves to just t-shirts. And we developed the design of hoodies, sweatshirts, hats & waist bags. The design was minimalistic, but things had very high quality and functionality.
  • In 2016 in Russia was a trend to be a "vaper". So, we were too. We made our tastes, which known only to Russians. For example, "Chifir" — very brewed tea, the traditional drink of Russian prisoners. Of course, it hasn't without packaging design.
  • And stickers for Telegram, those I still use. By the way, you can use it too. 
  • This project should be here for my story. And I will be glad if you appreciate it and write your opinion in comments. Thanks!